Create Next App

The easiest way to create a React app
with server-side rendering thanks to Next.js

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What is Next?

Next.js is a minimalistic framework for server-rendered React applications.

$ create-next-app my-app

How do I use it?

Create Next App can be installed via npm:

npm install -g create-next-app

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You can create an app using any of the Next examples:

create-next-app --example basic-css my-app
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Active Class Name
Basic CSS
Basic Export
Custom Charset
Custom Server Actionhero
Custom Server Express
Custom Server Fastify
Custom Server Hapi
Custom Server Koa
Custom Server Micro
Custom Server Nodemon
Custom Server Polka
Custom Server Typescript
Custom Server
Data Fetch
Form Handler
Gh Pages
Head Elements
Hello World
Layout Component
Nested Components
Only Client Render External Dependencies
Page Transitions
Parameterized Routing
Pass Server Data
Progressive Render
Root Static Files
Shared Modules
Server-side Rendering Caching
SVG Components
Using Inferno
Using Nerv
Using Preact
Using Router
Using With Router
With Absolute Imports
With Algolia React Instantsearch
With AMP
With Ant Design Less
With Ant Design
With Antd Mobile
With Aphrodite
With Apollo & Redux Saga
With Apollo & Redux
With Apollo Auth
With Apollo
With App Layout
With Asset Imports
With Babel Macros
With Cerebral
With Componentdidcatch
With Configured Preset Env
With Custom Babel Config
With Custom Reverse Proxy
With CXS
With Data Prefetch
With Docker
With Dotenv
With Draft Js
With Dynamic Import
With Electron
With Emotion Fiber
With Emotion
With External Scoped CSS
With Fela
With Firebase Authentication
With Firebase Hosting & Typescript
With Firebase Hosting
With Flow
With Freactal
With Glamor
With Glamorous
With Global Stylesheet Simple
With Global Stylesheet
With Google Analytics
With Hashed Statics
With Higher Order Component
With I 18 Next
With Immutable Redux Wrapper
With IOc
With Jest Typescript
With Jest
With Kea
With Loading
With Markdown
With Material UI
With Mobx State Tree
With Mobx
With Next CSS
With Next Less
With Next Page Transitions
With Next Routes
With Next Sass
With Noscript
With Now Env
With Pkg
With Polyfills
With Portals
With Prefetching
With Pretty URL Routing
With React Ga
With React Helmet
With React I 18 Next
With React Intl
With React Md
With React Native Web
With React Toolbox
With React Uwp
With React With Styles
With Reasonml
With Rebass
With Recompose
With Redux Code Splitting
With Redux Observable
With Redux Reselect Recompose
With Redux Saga
With Redux Wrapper
With Redux
With Reflux
With Refnux
With Relay Modern
With Rematch
With Scoped Stylesheets & PostCSS
With Segment Analytics
With Semantic UI
With Sentry
With Shallow Routing
With Sitemap & Robots Express Server
With Socket IO
With Static Export
With Styled Components
With Styled JSX Plugins
With Styled JSX PostCSS
With Styled JSX Scss
With Styletron
With Sw Precache
With Tailwindcss
With Typescript
With Universal Configuration Runtime
With Universal Configuration
With Unstated
With URL Object Routing
With Videojs
With Webpack Bundle Analyzer
With Webpack Bundle Size Analyzer
With Zones

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