Segment Open Fellowship 2017

Our 2017 fellows have been chosen and will be announced in Fall 2017. The program will open for applicants again in 2018 and we're happy to let you remind you if you leave your email below!

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We’re proud to announce the Segment Open Fellowship.

The Fellowship is a three month long program supporting three to five open source developers with $8k per month to focus full-time on their project, no other strings attached.


The program will run from June 15th through September 15th 2017.

The grant will be $8,000 per month. Groups & individuals are welcome to apply (one fellowship per project). We’ll also provide lunch & dinner at the office Monday - Thursday (instead of Friday catering we make a monthly charity donation).

Application deadline was May 8th 2017 (PDT). We’ll accept late applications but on-time applicants will take priority.

Request for Projects

You can apply with any project(s). Here are some project areas we’re especially excited about:

  • Machine Learning in Production

    Infrastructure to support the development and deployment of machine learning (ML) systems will help lower the barrier to entry for people building ML into new products

  • Developer Experience (DX)

    Yarn’s fast rise to 20k+ stars demonstrated a clear desire for DX, and as developers ourselves, we know there’s a lot more that could be done here

  • Visualizing Complex Data

    Powerful tools for surfacing insights from complex data can be a huge accelerant for analysis and understanding

  • Easy, Reliable Infrastructure

    There are existing good tools for setting up new services, but scaling infrastructure still brings its own set of complex problems

  • Encrypted Data Analysis

    A fully encrypted data analysis pipeline and tools to support would enable computation and data insights, while respecting people’s privacy and security

  • Simple Security

    Security often gets ‘tacked on’ after a product is already growing. We’d love to see ways to make the 'easy way’ the ‘right way’

Of course, you can apply with anything that you want to work on that doesn’t fall into one of the project areas above. When in doubt, please apply!

Selection Criteria

We’ll be selecting projects that are exciting to both engineers and the open source community as a whole, rather than ones which drive a particular business interest. Developers can apply with any project at any stage and we’d love to support people from underrepresented backgrounds.

There are three attributes that stand out as particularly important:


What is this project doing for people? Does it create a lot of value for a few people or some value for a lot of people? How does our grant help enable progress?


Why does this problem matter to you? Are you already working on it? What do you see as a “success” working on this project? Why do you think you can do it?


What’s the current state of the project? Who uses it and how? What do you think you’ll be able to accomplish during the program?

Selection Process

There will be a few steps in the selection process:

  • You can apply now through May 8th 2017 (PDT) Late applications will still be considered (potentially for the next batch!)
  • We’ll then send a 2nd round of questions asking for clarification on some projects
  • We’ll have a final round of phone interviews to discuss projects
  • Finally, we’ll choose grant recipients and kick off the fellowship process!

We strongly recommend anyone apply or share this with friends who’d like to spend a few months of focus time on some interesting open source projects. We’re excited to hear everyone’s ideas and the problems they care about.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I work on?

Anything. Our only requirement is that your work during the program is under an open source license. We have some suggested project areas above, but we’re open to any projects!

Do I have to be in San Francisco?

Nope, you can work from wherever you are. You're welcome to come join us at our (usually) sunny office in San Francisco, of course.

Can groups apply?

Yes! Any person or group can apply for the fellowship program, though we can only give out one fellowship per open-source project.